Mission Statement

Alexis Investment Partners, LLC was founded on one principle core value, the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” To us, this entails striving to understand the values and aspirations of each client, being open and honest in our communications, seeking to minimize and disclose any conflicts of interest and finding creative ways to help our clients define and achieve their goals. As fiduciaries, we value our clients’ trust and are committed to always putting their interests ahead of our own.

About Us

With decades of experience as investment advisor, portfolio manager and chief investment strategist, we have experienced some of the greatest stock market expansions in history and some of the most brutal downturns.  We have developed a reputation as thought leaders in tactical asset management, seeking to protect capital in market downturns and capitalize on rising markets and changing market leadership.

As an independent firm, we have tremendous flexibility to tailor portfolios to meet each client’s unique needs. Our portfolios consist primarily of ETFs and mutual funds but we also selectively incorporate individual stocks, cash, US Treasury Bills, high-quality Corporate, Agency and Municipal bonds and to use options to generate income and hedge risks.

Investments are offered through Sowell Management, a Registered Investment Advisor with more than $2 Billion in Assets Under Management. Sowell provides back and middle office support including compliance, account reconciliation, access to a staff including CPAs, attorneys, and financial planners, and a robust technology platform with favorable pricing at several popular custodians. We prefer to use Schwab as custodian, but clients can also choose Fidelity or TD Ameritrade. Alexis Investment Partners and Sowell Management are independently owned and operated.


Media Appearances

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Privacy Policy

Sowell Management and Alexis Investment Partners, LLC are independently owned and operated. Advisory services are offered through Sowell Management, a Registered Investment Adviser.