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Institutional Intelligent Portfolios

Our Institutional Intelligent Portfolio (IIP) Platform allows us to efficiently provide actively managed portfolios of ETFs:

  • tailored to your risk preferences and return objectives

  • selected and regularly adjusted by our management team to capitalize on current and changing markets

  • broadly diversified with no added commissions at a $5000 minimum investment 

  • fully automated with the added support of our experienced portfolio managers 

  • low 0.65% management fee

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Start Investing Today -- Advisor Program Key: 6C8Q

Follow the simple steps below:

  1. Click the link to the right to Get Started.

  2. Scroll down and input our Advisor Program Key: 6C8Q

  3. Take a short quiz to determine your risk profile.

  4. Review your recommended portfolio.

  5. Open and fund your account.

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