Our Story

The investment landscape has changed dramatically in the decades since Jason entered the investment business. Technology and innovation have created much more than just efficiency. Fees have declined, products and services expanded, research tools are more powerful and accessible, and information is everywhere.

But for all that has changed and improved, markets remain cyclical and the fundamentals that separate success from frustration remain remarkably constant. Jason has spent his career as Chief Investment Strategist, portfolio manager and an investment adviser representative working through some of the greatest expansions in history and some of the most brutal downturns. He developed a reputation as an industry thought-leader in tactical asset management, seeking to protect capital in market downturns and capitalize on rising markets and changing market leadership.

Alexis Investment Partners was founded on one principle core value;                              . Instead of forming an independent RIA (registered investment adviser), Jason decided to align the breadth of his experience with an RIA partner that would allow him to pursue a true fiduciary relationship with his clients. The RIA role is to take care of our compliance, reconciliation and billing functions, software/technology solutions, interaction with custodian partners such as Schwab, Fidelity and TD Ameritrade, and support our marketing efforts.

“Making Sowell Management our new RIA partner will allow me to focus on what I enjoy most: personal financial planning; helping small business owners with retirement plans, employee benefits and transition planning; and providing cutting edge portfolio management designed and managed to adapt to changing markets – all with the singular goal of helping clients define and attain their goals.”

- Jason Browne

The company is named after Jason’s daughter, Alexis Browne. As she pursues a double-major in economics and finance at nearby Lehigh University, Alexis serves as a leader in the TRAC fellowship program and portfolio manager for the Thompson portfolio (an ETF-based portfolio involving part of the university’s endowment fund, seeking to outperform the ACWI ex-US index through country allocation). She also actively contributes to the firm as bookkeeper, website designer and analyst.

We treat clients like family. Investing is personal and it is an honor to earn our clients trust every day.


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Sowell Management and Alexis Investment Partners, LLC are independently owned and operated. Advisory services are offered through Sowell Management, a Registered Investment Adviser.