Practical Investment Solutions

Our service model is rooted in the observations that individuals are unique, markets are cyclical, and there is rarely only one “right” answer.

Decades of experience as a Chief Investment Strategist, Portfolio Manager and Investment Adviser Representative have taught me that there are many ways to help investors define and achieve their long-term goals. The key is to be humble, practical, realistic and flexible.


Following                              , we invest our personal capital following the same principles, process, products and strategies as used in our client portfolios.


We offer the following services:

Strategic and Tactical Investment Portfolios

  • Tailored to each client’s goals and preferences

  • Designed to manage risk and meet long-term objectives

  • Adapted to align with current market trends and conditions

Comprehensive or Modular Financial Planning

  • Retirement Planning

  • Budgeting / Saving and Debt Analysis

  • Education Savings

  • Basic Estate Analysis

  • Charitable Gifting

  • Insurance Needs Analysis

Small Business Consulting Services

  • Retirement Plan Design and Management

  • Employee Benefits

  • Succession Planning

“The degree of unprofitable anxiety in an investor’s life corresponds directly to the amount of time one spends dwelling on how an investment should be acting, rather than the way it actually is acting." 

– Ned Davis


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Sowell Management and Alexis Investment Partners, LLC are independently owned and operated. Advisory services are offered through Sowell Management, a Registered Investment Adviser.